Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Fun With Homos (and a Baby!)

When I messed with homophones a few weeks ago, people loved it. Or perhaps they just loved the photos of my newborn son. Either way, I have more of the same for you today.

Behold: 24 new pictures of The Professor! Also, 12 new snippets in my latest assault on the English language:
  1. If you can tame her, the kingdom is yours. Whoever holds Rain's reins reigns.
  2. "These aren't the cookies you said you were making. This looks more like a fawn than a dodo." "It's a deer, dear. A dough doe." "D'oh!"
  3. The ad for "Do the Dew" (part deux) was due, causing much ado and meaning I could bid this job adieu.1
  4. Does a cuckoo coo, or a nene neigh? Nay. But that's coo'.
  5. That Boer named Bohr is a boor; he bore into a Bora Bora boar.
  6. Hey, when you're in this strait, man, don't purchase a Straight Man or Gay Man from Gaiman. When he comes by, buy Bi. Bye bye!
  7. He lays leis on ladies as they laze on the leas.
  8. Oh, Kay, it's okay if you choose Oak A. But I would not get a wood knot.
  9. "Are we ready to cast the James Bond side characters?"
    "Yes, cue the Q queue."
  10. What got the thin king thinking was when the prince's prints implied the imp lied about a bout between the banned band and the barred bard.
  11. Ignoring his praise, she prays that when he preys on her, no matter how hard he pries, he'll never prise away her prize.
  12. Sorry, I realize (with real eyes) none of these quite match a pro's prose. I know I'm no pro, but I like to think I'm at least a mature amateur.
And there's five minutes of your life wasted.

1 Yeah, that was a bunch of doodoo.


  1. LMAO these are...The Words fail me this late. :) Congratulations on The Professor. He's adorable.

  2. Cue the Q queue. That was worth way more than five minutes. And The Professor is darling, although he appears to be trapped within a Boppy.

  3. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

    Google it.

  4. *giggles* I think #10 was particularly inspired as it seems a nice set-up for a story...

  5. Melissa, don't worry, the words fail me all the time. (You just read some of the proof of that.) And thanks for the congrats!

    julie, if it was worth way more than five minutes, would you mind sparing a few of yours? I've been short for time ever since The Professor showed his little head. (Oh, and the Boppy protects him; 'tis not a trap.)

    Matthew, no need. I Wikipedia'd it (is that a word?) sometime last year. And besides, my wife grew up outside that fair city, so I know all about how Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Still, it's fun stuff.

    Hart, as a matter of fact I did feel particularly inspired when coming up with that one. And I'm partly tickled it inspired you to giggle.

    Alex, thanks! Now, if only I'd gotten its sequel out in time, I'd still have my job...