Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gratuitous Cat Shots

This week I decided I'd increase traffic to my blog by a) actually writing a new post,1 and b) including photos of cats. We'll return to our irregularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

This past week, to fill the void left by Marcelle's passing (REMEMBER: if your cat starts drinking far more water than usual, bring it to the vet!), we went to the local Humane Society to steal a kitten. We were almost home free when a soft mewing from the lining of my jacket pocket alerted the staff to our plan. Luckily, they agreed to drop the charges if we would also return the two rabbits stuffed in my socks, and agree to adopt two cats. So, that's what we did.

Within ten seconds of meeting the five-month old pictured below, we knew he'd be going home with us. Much like Mykelti Williamson's character in the short-lived-but-excellent show "Boomtown," this little guy is fearless. In fact, the very first thing he did when he met our dog Sonya was head straight for her and rub his face on her nose. Because of his nonchalant behavior, she thinks he's a dog and tries to play with him. And the weird thing: he doesn't mind. He's an explorer and a lap cat and a theoretical physicist all rolled into one.

Readers, let me introduce you to Schrödinger:

A ladies' man who likes to chase some tail.

The family that took him in as a stray gave him up when their landlord found out. Personally, I'd have kept him and traded in the landlord. Eh, their loss.

Calypso (a.k.a. Callie) was a tougher decision, but only because her competition was a two-month old kitten. In the end, she prevailed when we learned the little one didn't believe in dog. So far, Callie's spent much of her time avoiding Sonya, but when the dog's away she'll show her affection by licking your neck. True story.

Plays hard to get, till you get her alone.

She's either four or seven, depending on whether you believe the vet or her previous owners.2 It doesn't make any difference to us. Although, while we thought she'd be a good lap cat, she's really more of a laptop cat. She's already helped me accidentally delete emails and open new browser windows. Plus, she beat my high score on Tetris. I expect she'll be friending you on Facebook by next week.

Quite the team.

New year, new kitties. And to all the people who arrived at the Humane Center after we left..................SUCKERS!

1 What a novel idea! Speaking of which, I have a fantastic novel idea: Jesus and the twelve apostles are vampire hunters. Judaism is up to its neck in vampires, and through experimentation, Jesus and his followers learn that holy water and the symbol of the cross are excellent weapons in their fight against evil. Of course, they have to keep coming up with excuses to keep Jesus' mom from finding out what's up, and thus, Christianity is born. (Ooh, and now Jesus' resurrection has a whole new meaning...) You know what, this idea's so good, I can't keep it for myself. I'm going to let you have it. I'll even give you the title: Our Savior. It's literary gold, I'm telling you. You can thank me later.
2 Who gave her up because "they were moving." What a flimsy excuse for an excuse! They should have at least tried to sound convincing, by saying their son was allergic or that she was smoking too much catnip. Eh, their loss.


  1. Yay! Congrats on the new kitties! And i'm glad you adopted Callie instead of the kitten. Kittens always find homes. Adult black cats have a harder time.
    Man i wish we could have cats. i want one SO BAD.
    Also, that jesus = vampire hunter idea is actually pretty badass

  2. I'm so jealous of your kitties--I miss mine (especially the one that made friends with the pigeon baby that feel out of its nest, and could be found playing with the same mouse every day at the same time...) Alas, we go away too often to be good pet owners (can't even keep house plants alive)--all part of our Unsupervised and at Large lifestyle.

    I hope you will post more kitty-tales--you have a way of capturing their true kittiness.

  3. Falen, we definitely made the right decision with Callie. She's a sweetheart. Also, more fodder for Our Savior: Why does Judas turn on Jesus? Because he discovers the messiah has been turned! It's like this book writes itself! (Unfortunately, it doesn't actually write itself.)

    JB, sorry you no longer have any cats, but all that traveling is an excellent consolation prize. And with this lovable little scamp (who's purring on my lap as I type this), I'm sure there will be more kitty tales to come.

  4. Ohhh, your cats are very awesome. And I seriously think you need to write that novel. Though I think Jesus might be more werewolf... it would explain Judas needing fifty pieces of silver ;)

  5. Friday: Or, perhaps Mary Magdalene was the werewolf... There are soo many options. And thank you! My cats are awesome.

  6. I wish cats wouldn't kill me with their presence but alas, we partially regenerated mummies have our weaknesses.

    I would totally read the book with Jesus: Vampire Hunter. Write it. Right. Now.

  7. And seriously, I've followed your blog like three times and it just won't stick. Quit being so rubber like.

  8. Silly, Hannah. Cats don't kill you (or partially regenerated mummies) with their presence. They do it with their claws. And their cunning.

    And wow, all this support for an idea I came up with in thirty seconds. Well, I promise you this: if I do write Jesus as a vampire hunter, absolutely nothing in it will sparkle.

    And lastly, Hannah, you need to be less conspicuous. If you were in a nondescript vehicle and stayed at least three car-lengths back, my blog probably wouldn't even have noticed you were following and tried to shake you. Glad to see you've learned your lesson.