Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For

Thank your lucky stars. Without them, you'd only have unlucky and indifferent stars, and every wish you wished upon them would go unfulfilled.1

Thank the lord. His generosity keeps a roof over your head and food in your belly, and all he asks for in exchange is hours and hours of backbreaking labor. Some people might say it's a futile system, but they're just bad spellers.

Thank goodness. After all, goodness is far better than badness.2 And good Ness did such a fine job battling Al Capone and his little friend in the 30s. Both deserve our recognition.

Thank God. Without him, watching Providence College basketball between 1995-97 wouldn't have been nearly as interesting.

Thank heavens. Without the prospect of all those heavens, just think how many more amoral people there would be. And before you try to tell me there's only one heaven, I know people who have been to the seventh one, and at least one mountain lion who has visited multiple heavens on his way to Murgatroyd.

Yup, I have much to be thankful for. But this year, I'm mostly thankful for this little guy:

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, even if you eat tofurkey instead of turkey, turducken instead of tofurkey, or the jell-o mold instead of turducken.3 And for all of you who live outside the U.S. and don't celebrate the holiday, I'll make sure to eat an extra helping for you. May your weekend be filled with fun, laughter, and enough food to feed the entire population of Turkey.

Thank you, come again.

1 Not to mention, you'd be more at risk of getting struck by a ricochet from a shooting star.
2 Unless we're talking Michael Jackson circa 1987.
3 Jiggly.


  1. Amen to all of that! Have a great first Thanksgiving with your son.

  2. Great post Nate. I want to let you know I read your site as you post but have not often commented recently. For that I'm apologetic.

    Have a great Thanksgiving with your little guy and if you can spare it...toss a little Go Pack! for my team tomorrow. Unless you live in Detroit that is. Ha! Take care.

  3. Alex, thanks! It should be a fun day. I wish you a wonderful Turkey Day as well.

    Chuck, thanks for continuing to read! Although I think there may have been a typo in your comment; you said apologetic where you meant to say apocalyptic. Anyway, I've been an even less frequent visitor/commenter than you since my son came along, but I shall try to change my ways. January 1 seems as good a time as any. (As for the Pack, I'll be rooting for them today. They've been my wife and I's NFC team of choice the past two years.)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! :-)) What a cute little guy. Enjoy him while he's still young enough to submit to "cute" outfits without having a meltdown.

  5. Have a most excellent holiday with your family and friends as well! Awesome pics of the little guy too!

  6. Mary, it's true. He's bright, he provides warmth, and I've found if I look directly at him for too long I go blind (to anything that isn't him).

    Li, ooh, your smiley emoticon has a double chin to account for my Thanksgiving gluttony! Brilliant! And yeah, we're making the most of his cute outfits while we still can. As I've learned from my nephews, eventually he won't want to wear anything.

    Stephen, thanks! My Thanksgiving surrounded by relatives was excellent, and I hope yours was, too.