Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Colon, Right Parenthesis

Back in September, I received my first blog award. To show my gratitude, I promptly redesigned it in Photoshop, and then ignored half the rules that came with it.

Today is no different.

This past weekend, I received the Making Smiles on Faces Award from Jeffrey Beesler over at World of the Scribe. I don't know how he found out I like to forcibly push the corners of people's mouths upward when they're unhappy, but just to be safe I've changed my locks. Or, maybe that's not it at all. Maybe he just remembered this picture.

Either way, Jeffrey's a great guy and a fellow writer, and you should check out his blog. Go, do it.

And behold! The Photoshop transformation:



I'm probably also supposed to pass this thing along to some other people, so if you've read this far, congratulations! You are the latest recipient of the Making Smiles on Faces Award! Feel free to add either of the above images to your blog's sidebar.

Don't have a blog? Even better! Just print out the award and pin it to your shirt.

Don't have a shirt? Even better! Just print out the award, lick the back of it, and stick it to your forehead.

Let's spread the smiles, people! Spread 'em wide.

Use your fingers if you have to.


  1. You have mad photoshopping skills there, Nate! Nice introversion of the original award. Congrats again!

  2. I always get a little worried when my fingers are near peopl's mouths. Because of the biting.

  3. I haven't read this blog, so I don't have to accept it, or stick it to my forehead, but I did look at the pretty picture.

    When are you going to come up with the Deviant Blogger Award, anyway?

  4. Jeffrey: And thank you again for bestowing it upon me.

    Falen: Yes, biting could be a problem. I'll revise: "Use other people's fingers if your have to."

    JB: You're missing out. All the cool kids are wearing blog awards on their foreheads these days. And I'm sure I'll get to the Deviant award eventually; I'm just working on the Procrastinating Blogger award first.

  5. You have made a very beautiful signs of these things such that who so ever reviewed this award would be very happy. And hence that makes you happy.

  6. Okay, you simply can't delete that bit of spam from Colon Cleansers...!

  7. JB, yeah, there's absolutely no way I'm deleting that. It's such a wonderful, personalized comment. Or, it was taken directly from a fortune cookie.