Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Biggest Carrot in the Kitchen

One year ago today, I married this woman:

It was pretty much like any other wedding. During the ceremony, for instance, I showed what sort of husband I'd be by crushing something fragile with my foot.

The wedding song mentioned 36 different varieties of cheese, and was accompanied by a puppet show and French horn kazoo solo.

Our closest friends and relatives pelted us with bird seed before we kissed on a covered bridge and looked longingly into each other's eyes in front of a giant rocket and an obviously fake backdrop.

After we entered to The Muppet's "Mahna Mahna," Table 5 won the sugar packet tower competition and we were given the largest carrot in the kitchen.

And then, we danced.

Best. Day. Ever.

* All photos courtesy of Kaz Photography of Buffalo, NY.


  1. A year already! Gosh, I'm just so pleased for both of you...and now with that little professor guy! You each look blissfully happy--just makes me grin ear-to-ear!

    ...okay...but your dancing...that's a little disturbing...okay...a lot...(not that it's surprising!)

  2. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  3. See, but if Nate had danced divinely and/or gracefully, the whole reception would have been painfully boring! Instead, it really was a lovely day and a fun reception. There wasn't even that much goose poop. :) By the by, the Goose Patrol has been pestering me that they have not been hauled up to Connecticut to meet their cousin. They have begun to talk to my stomach and tell it to expel it's contents so they can travel again. I really do have strange children. You might want to move and leave no forwarding address.

  4. It looks really wonderful! I wish you both a happy anniversary!

  5. Looks like a wild time, Nate! Can't say my wedding day was the best ever, but all the days since that time have been really awesome.

  6. Congrats Nate! I loved your fish-out-of-water dance move. You and your wife look very happy together. I tried to get a puppet show at my wedding but my wife said I couldn't do that to her in front of my mom! I said, "Honey, it won't be the last time I embarass you!"

  7. Happy Anniversary to all of you. It looks like it's been a very exciting year and I'm quite certain it will get more exciting as this year goes on, with all your additions (and I don't mean math).
    Your wedding looks like it was an amazingly, wonderful fun time.

  8. hahaha, you are so cute. Please excuse me while I vomit...

    Okay, I'm back. That is cheesy and adorable.

    Congrats to you and your wife.

  9. jb, it might take a physicist to explain the phenomenon, but in person, my dancing is 90% entertaining and only 10% disturbing. When photographed, however, it skews the other way.

    Thank you, Jeffrey! Glad to be here!

    Sara, 2/7 of the Goose Patrol has already met The Professor, and he has earned their seal of approval. (Oh, and by the way... we moved.)

    Thanks, Hart. In this case, the pictures don't lie; it was wonderful. (As was the anniversary.)

    Alex, even if your wedding day wasn't ideal, it's just one day. Plus, it led to all your awesome days since, and that's what counts.

    Chuck, that's where we differ. My antics don't embarrass my wife. In fact, she says I just embarrass myself.

    Heather, but math can be so exciting! So, Circle goes off on a tangent and gets a pi to the face. When it starts to complain, its buddy Triangle says, "Didn't you see the sine? Pi are squared." (Okay, it's not always exciting...)

    Hannah, did you really have to walk past the trash can to vomit on our wedding album? Really? Nevertheless, thanks for congrats, and for your comment about my adorable cheese.

  10. You're almost as bald as I am.

    On the other hand, you hired a great photographer.

  11. dude. That sounds like it was AMAZEBALLS

  12. Mary: Yes, yes she is. (And it was.)

    Matthew, I'll let you in on a little secret. Without the work of a stellar photographer, I'm completely bald, as wrinkled as a Shar Pei, a disturbing shade of puce, and slightly skinnier (since the camera adds ten pounds).

    Falen, I'm sorry, I must have understated the day's greatness. It was CRAZYSUPER AMAZEBALLS.

  13. A somewhat belated congrats on your one year wedding anniversary. How heart warming. Nice to see the 'goatie beard' is still around. That was very 1950's 'cool daddio' :)

  14. I'm glad your wedding ceremony included the rocket, an ancient fertility symbol dating back to the days when aliens helped to build the pyramids.
    You dancing - funny. And a little scary :-) Beautiful wife though, and I wish you many more anniversaries!

  15. klahanie, here in America, the goatee had a revival in the 2000s. Perhaps because of the number of athletes that sported them, but I like to think it was because of me.

    li, you are so naïve. Aliens didn't help build the pyramids; we did. But thanks! I'm looking forward to many more anniversaries, and my wife is, too... as long as I promise not to dance.