Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sunday, January 17, 2016


My junior year in college, I put together a scavenger hunt as part of a Secret Santa sort of thing.1 The final clue pointed to a locker in the basement laundry room — #232.

My senior year in college, I spent an insane amount of time on this drawing, originally titled simply "232". I chose the building number with no recollection of the locker number from the previous year's scavenger hunt; I only discovered the coincidence a couple years ago while going through old Word documents.

Before I started removing the least interesting ones, my album on Flickr of my son's first year had exactly 232 pictures in it.

Last week I counted the number of steps from the ground floor of my office to the 10th, where I work. The total? You guessed it.2

I don't know if my connection with 232 is purely coincidence or if it's fate. But I do know our old house will have been for sale 232 days come January 31. (Or, at the end of February, if you ignore the 4 weeks combined it was off-market and under contract.)

If my previous 232s were coincidental, the house will obviously remain unsold on those dates. But, if they weren't... well, one can hope.

Come on, fate.

1 Actually, it was a Secret Non-Denominational Gift-Giving Buddy sort of thing, but who's counting.
2 But you probably didn't guess that there are 72 steps between the ground floor and the 2nd. Normally, when people take an elevator up to the 2nd floor, it's due to laziness. At my office, it's self-preservation.


  1. The first floor of your building must be really tall.
    If you house sells on day #232, let us know.

    1. Below the first floor, there's what used to be called the Lower Lobby and the Upper Lobby. Now the lowest floor is B, and the next floor up is A, because of course that makes perfect sense. Still, those two flights are comparable to 3.5 flights higher up in the building.

      There is no first floor.