Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

I'm too congested to think straight. I'll write tomorrow.
My seven-month-old has a fever.
What a great book! I'll just read one more chapter.
And now my wife's sick, too. Wonderful.
Well, this Super Bowl isn't going to watch itself.
I'll only go on Facebook for a minute.
Okay, I'm pretty sure my cold has a sinus infection.
Just one more game.
We've had this Netflix movie for a week already.
Seriously? The cat has hookworm?
So tired. I'll only close my eyes for a second.
I should take some new photos of the baby.
I need to catch up on a few blogs.
Second fundraiser in two weeks? Sounds good.
Great. Now I'm sick again.
It's been a looong day. I'll just watch one episode.
How hard can it be to give a cat a pill?
This book's even better. Thirty pages to go.
You know, I haven't talked to Rob in forever.
It's so nice outside. We should go for a walk.
Tomorrow. I'll make the time tomorrow.
I need to touch-up that last batch of photos.
My desk is so cluttered. I can't work like this.
In fact, the whole house could be cleaner.
Pitchers and catchers report.


Actually, strike that. I have one legitimate excuse...

My son wants to spend time with me. And how do you say no to that face? You can't. It's not physically possible. Thus, I will be spending as much time as I can with my son.

Luckily for me, he has a bedtime now. New rule:



  1. Awwww--now that IS a good excuse! I love that age--when they can sit, but aren't really mobile. So enjoy it!

    1. Thanks, Hart. I'm already enjoying it. He'll be mobile soon enough, though; it won't be long before all my waking hours are spent baby wrangling.

  2. Nate, the little professor is the best excuse in the world. I'm not trying to be an enable here, but you can write a book in a year (or 18 years) from now, but you can't be with your boy at this age, ever again! You'll never regret the time spent with him (motherly rant over--I know you already know all that! :))

    1. Nope, no regrets. Of course, it would be easier if I was just putting off one book. I have another four or five ideas rattling around my head, vying to follow in my first book's foot(note)steps. But they can all wait. Professor first.

  3. oh, I know those excuses . . . and you definitely can't say no to that face - so sweet! Enjoy your son! Write when he sleeps!

    1. I shall. I'll write when he sleeps, when he's getting some extra mommy time, and maybe even a few minutes here and there whenever he's distracted by something shiny. (Unless I'm also distracted by the something shiny.)

  4. Even excuses need rules and that's a good one!

    1. Here's another one: All non-infant excuses must be pre-approved by the National Organization of Needless Oversight into Novel Obviation (NO-NO-NO).

  5. Nate, I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge list to get a head start finding great new blogs. Nice to meet you! And your cute baby! What a doll, and you are so right-- a baby is the best excuse ever. They only come around once, a few blinks and they're off to Marine boot camp and then college and married....Excuse me, I am a *new empty nester*

    All the best with those excuses!


    1. Sure, your nest may now be empty, but just think of how much easier it is to keep clean.

      And thanks for the tip; from now on, I shall not blink.

  6. Replies
    1. I admit, I am adorable. But only one of us is a pro at making the ladies swoon...

  7. Aloha Nate,

    Congrats on winning Janet's flash fiction contest. (I made the final eight, but yours was a page turner (to be :)

    You have a new follower, and no more excuses, right :)

    1. Thanks, Mark. But no, I still have that one excellent excuse. I'm not giving up on my son that easily.

      Nor should you give up on your chair. Show it some love.

  8. Hi Nate, another one of the final 8 checking in. I need to join up in the No Excuses Club myself. The book is there. It has bubbled into shape and I see the first act.

    Hell, I'll even commit to the first line here and now:

    "Propinquity. The word you want is propinquity," said Jo, measuring the tequila into the blender.

    There. I typed it.

    Congrats on the great win. You turned that tale well and added the extra ommpfff needed to cross the finish line. I love flash and after over a year of swimming with the shark, feel like I am finding my voice.

    Your little guy is adorable. Do you read Terrible Minds by Chuck Wendig? He has a one-year old and in between dispensing awesome writing advice talks about balancing writing and family.

    I'll definitely be back here and look forward to seeing you around the shark tank!

    Terri Coop

    1. Thank you, Terri! I enjoy the challenge of flash fiction, since it forces me to abandon my wordy ways and focus only on the most important elements. (I only hope I'll be able to carry over such behavior to the next draft of my novel.)

      And yes, I've been reading Terrible Minds for about a year now. Of course, Wendig has one advantage over me in terms of balance: He writes for a living. But along with his stellar advice, I certainly appreciate his Transmissions from Baby-Town posts, which give me a look a month and a half into my son's future.

      Thanks for stopping by, and best of luck on becoming a full member of the No Excuses Club.

  9. LOL, I have this loophole-like distinction between an excuse and a reason. He's definitely a reason in my book! Cutie! (Don't preen, Nate. I was talking about The Professor)

    1. Ooh, you're right: he's actually a reason. In my mind, excuse implies a feeling of guilt. Which I don't have. From now on, I'll listen to reason.

  10. How about you just bring that darling boy down here to Sharkville for a visit. We have lots of ladies to swoon over him. And we can teach him important new vocabulary words: "no" "ferrari" "no" "but Daaaad" "no" ...we've got dozens of those.

    1. Aha! Now I know how to safely enter Shark-infested waters: a) be a client, or b) bring an adorable baby. I'll be there in two hours.

      Okay, maybe not. But if he's still tiny the next time I'm in NYC I may have to take you up on that offer.