Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Then We Came to the End

No, this is not a review of Joshua Ferris's first novel.1 I'm referring to the end of November. The end of my many NaNos. Here's how I fared:

  1. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)
    My final tally was a scant 1,724 words. I may not have reached the accepted goal of 50,000 put forth by "the man," but I call it a success. 'Tis a sad truth, I admit, but it's still 1,724 more words than I'd written since April.
  2. NanoRhino Awareness Month
    I may have only raised $2,020.07 for the NanoRhinos, and $2,000 of that was my own money,2 but I call it a success. With my meager donation, Dr. Heinrich von Heinrichsen was able to construct a high-tech habitat for these poor, endangered creatures. To me it resembled little more than a dollar store ant farm, but what do I know about science?
  3. NaNoRhyMo (National Novel Rhyming Month)
    I halved my output from last year, but my half-dozen rhymes garnered some epic praise, and for the first time ever we had two participants! Two! Most successful NaNoRhyMo ever!
  4. NaNoRyMo (National No Rye Month)
    Both Denise and I made it the entire month without consuming an ounce of rye! Neither the whiskey nor the bread passed these lips these past weeks. No Salinger, either. Never has success tasted so sweet!

Four noble NaNos, four success stories. I can only wonder what surprises December may hold.3

1 This is. Although Then We Came to the End was an intriguing and sometimes humorous look at the inner workings of a failing advertising company, it fell short in my not-so-humble opinion. I found its first person plural narration distracting, and at odds with itself when presenting the thoughts of a character who was decidedly not part of the "we." It has its moments, but the book isn't nearly as funny as it tries to be.
2.5 fiery wheels out of 5.
2 Denise chipped in another $20, either out of pity or to stop my constant begging, and the rest came from the always generous people at the local Take-A-Penny/Leave-A-Penny.
3 Hint: It involves velociraptors.


  1. Not Marmosets? I know that Raptors are extremely cool, but marmosets are in this time of year. They're also mating, which is inconvenient when your house is infested, and you're trying to sleep...

  2. Scott, I never said December didn't involve marmosets, only that it did involve velociraptors. So it might involve marmosets. (It doesn't.)

    Falen, if you're making yourself a rye sammich, could you make me one, too? I'll be your best friend.

  3. I like your attitude over NaNo. It's good to see the positive side. I'm a firm believer that any writing is progress.

  4. In fiction, I wholeheartedly agree: any writing is progress!

    The same can't be said, however, about many articles and opinions written by racists, bigots, and other troglodytes. Damn troglodytes, ruining the curve.