Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Raptor vs. Sheep

Raptors vs. The World #2
vs. Elephant | vs. Sheep | vs. Pig | vs. Tiger | vs. Turtle

Maribel had never strayed far from the farm. Truth be told, she'd never had reason to. The farm had everything she needed, and she loved nothing more than running through the fields with her older brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, as she grew older, she began to wonder what else was out there, beyond the white fences that marked the edge of the property. One afternoon, she slipped away from her siblings and ventured off on her own.

Almost immediately, she got lost. Back home she knew all the landmarks, but once she'd passed the white fence, nothing would stick in her mind. Each bush, each field looked like every other. As dusk fell and the air grew colder, she berated herself for being so impulsive. She never should have gone out on her own. And now, with the light fading, she'd never find her way back. Sure, her thick coat would keep her warm overnight, but being alone out here for so long was the most frightening thing she could imagine. Maribel had just about given up all hope when she heard faint footsteps behind her. She stopped crying and lifted up her head.

Finally! Someone to help her find her way home.


Now try this: Read the story again, but this time ignore the photo. That is, think of the characters as people, not animals. (It's interesting how much a single image can change your perception of a story, isn't it?)


  1. I suppose in the real world there is more at stake with a human life, although my husbands love of animation (I like it too, but he practically knows them all by heart) proves that it's just as easy to get caught up in the trials of reptiles and toys!

    1. Don't worry. If this is indeed the end for Maribel, she's going to infinity... and beyond.

  2. Replies
    1. What? Why can't the footsteps be a kindly stranger? Oh, ye of little faith in humanity.