Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johanna, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, Josie

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Yeah, I don't watch that show. But I know if I had 19 kids whose names all started with J, there would be nary a Jinger, Jordyn-Grace, Joy-Anna, John-David, Jedidiah, or Bullfrog among them.

Here are some other J-names I'd saddle my kids with long before I used any of those:
Jacob, Jeremy, Jerome, Jesse, Jessica, Jaime, Jameson, Jamal, Julie, Julia, Julian, Julianna, Julius, Juliet, Jules, July, June, Jude, Judith, Jensen, Jared, Jarrett, Jade, Jaden, Jalen, Jaren, Jin, Jan, Jean, Jayne, Joan, Jenna, Joanna, Janine, Jeanette, Janelle, Janice, Jocelyn, Jessalyn, Jessamine, Jasmine, Josephine, Justine, Jolene, Joelle, Joel, Jonah, Judah, Judas, Jodie, Joss, Jensen, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Jerry, Jericho, Junior, Junius, Juneau, Juniper, Jhumpa, Jewel, Jillian, Jacquelyn, Jermaine, Jarvis, Jasper, Jaleel, Jacques, Javier, José, Jorge, Julio, Juan, Jesus, Joaquin, Joachim, Jaromir, Jett, Jethro, Jupiter, Jebediah, Jehoshaphat, Job, Jojo, Jujube, Jughead, Jellybean, Jimmer, Jibjab, and Jugdish.

That is all.

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  1. Jeffrey is a good J name. And just so you know, I'm making Nate an honorary J name, because I can!

  2. I have a J name in my book, but she has a guy's name. I actually have a lot of J names in my stories now that i think about it. Damn it all.

  3. Jujube is one of my favorite drag queens. Fact.

  4. I broke my grandparent's code for naming their children...progressing up the alphabet with each child - Beatrice for the first born, then Deliah (not Delilah...Deee-leee-ahhh), my dad-John (yes, with a "J" but pretty pedestrian compared to 'Jehosephat' jumping or otherwise) and finally, the baby in the family, Philomena (don't you dare call her Phil unless you want 'that look')...

    A little more variety, a lot less of a challenge and don't ask me what happened to all the letters in many challenges to life on the prairies, they could have been lost in a scarlet fever epidemic or traded to gypsies for a milking can never have enough good milking goats...


  5. Yay, Jimmer! I think that's a brilliant name. My sister is Julianne. And I named my daughter Johnette after Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde. We call her Johni. I think you should add it to your list.

  6. Those are a lot of J names! I have a character named Jaakko--which is just the Finnish version of James, but it's different from most English ones anyway.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  7. Aha, and in the words of 'Three Blog Night', 'Jeremiah was a bullfrog..'
    A very interesting collection of 'J' names you have here in the 'Great Alphabet Challenge' :)
    I greatly appreciated your comment on my satirical take on this whole blogging thingy.
    Now then, being as I know the alphabet n' stuff, I know the next letter in the thrilling challenge will be the letter 'K' as in 'Klahanie' :)
    Kind wishes and respect, your way, Gary.

  8. Jeffrey: So... Jnate? Is that a silent J, or is it pronounced juh-NAYT? Jnust wondering, since I already have one friend who calls me Knewt with a silent K which you're supposed to pronounce. (True story.)

    Hannah: Good for her, having a guy's name. You're supposed to torture your characters, so you've started that before she even ever stepped on the page.

    Falen: For that name alone, s/he is now my favorite drag queen as well.

    moe: I say that all the time! You can never have enough good milking goats! Wait, no, that's not it. What I actually say is "Stop trading your brothers for milking goats! We live in a one-bedroom apartment!"

    Shelli: Thanks for the suggestion, but I distinctly said it was a list of some of the J-names I'd choose, not all of them. I don't want to give away all of my secrets. (*cough* Jingleheimer *cough*)

    Alex: I didn't even know Jehoshaphat was on the latest Idol...

    Golden: I'm finished with James, too, but Jaakko, that could work. Especially since it reminds me a bit of the Warner Brothers...

    Gary: Thanks, and glad you enjoyed my comment. And though K is next to come, I wrote tomorrow's post before I learned of the wonder that is Klahanie. Instead, I opted for krazy. (No, not literally.)