Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nothing, Nil, Nada.

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I was going to talk about ninjas today, but NOTHING, NIL, and NADA1 threatened me with a class-action lawsuit. Only, the words they used were not class-action lawsuit, but "death by Pokemon." And those might not even be the exact words — it's hard to catch everything when threats are passed along via the wind — but there was no mistaking their intent. Thus, ninjas are out.

Update: For the record, none of those secret ninja organizations are real. Really. (Please believe me.)

Anyway, I realize a ninjaless post is quite the letdown, so I'll try to make it up to you with this short video about ninja thumbtacks.2 I created this over ten years ago, although I didn't get it online until this past February. For the purposes of this post, I'll call it Nate's Nawesome Nomputer Nanimation:

And if you're interested:

1 The Nefarious Organization of Terribly Homicidal International Ninja Gangs, the Ninja Integration League, and the National Association of Deadly Assassins.
2 Wait, did I say ninja? I meant "pseudo-samurai."

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  1. Hi Nate - Thanks for coming by my blog and visiting. My Pawsitive Pondering for "N" will also be ninja, though mine isn't nearly as cool as yours. Your video is terrific. I really enjoyed it. :)

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog...I'm attempting the N-post right now, and it is about Nothing too :)

    I like the titles of your posts!

  3. I loved this video the first time you showed it, but somehow the second time was even better. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just love this video--had to watch it again, especially now that I know about all the hidden eggs! (and I'm impressed that you've made it all the way to 'N'!)

  5. I love your humour. You remind me of Jasper Fforde and the Thursday Next novels.

    Ellie Garratt

  6. Loved the song, and the tuck n roll, then origami. Very clever.

  7. Amazing! Thanks for sharing, that was such fun.

  8. Lisa: No, I don't believe it. There's no such thing as an uncool ninja. And glad you enjoyed the video!

    damyanti: Thanks, I like my post's titles, too. And their content... though admittedly I am somewhat biased.

    Jeffrey: It somehow gets better for me every time I see it, too. Thanks!

    Bridget: I'm not surprised I made it this far, since I'm a man of my word. I am surprised, however, that my posts are still coherent, and longer than one sentence a piece.

    Ellie: Wow, thanks for the fantastic compliment! (Even if, in my mind, it's the other way around: Fforde reminds me of me.) I'm particularly fond of his "had had / that that" discussion in The Well of Lost Plots.

    Mary: Thanks. Glad I could entertain.

    Goddess: And thank you. It was fun to make, too (except for the long long long hours).

  9. had to watch the video more than once

  10. Can you teach me some real cool Ninja moves Nate? When an elephant charges in Namibia, how do ya reckon I somersault over him and land on his back, delivering a knockout kick to the back of the head on the way through? Might just need a move like that.
    They have a habit of sneaking up behind me quietly.

  11. babygirl: Glad to hear it! Repeat viewings mean I did something right! (That, or made it too confusing...)

    Jim: Let's see, elephants are pretty tall and have thick skulls. Thus, I'd recommend carrying a trampoline with you at all times, and wearing a lead boot on your kickin' foot. Oh, and since these are stealthy elephants, make sure to wear a helmet with rear-view mirrors on it. I hope this helps, and have a great trip!