Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sometimes, The Wheel is on Fire

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Winners of the Heroes & Villains Haiku Contest!

If you're wondering why it took over three weeks to name contest winners, I've been busy. You know, for the usual reasons: I was attacked by a pack of rabid squids, it took ages to find that one missing sock, and of course, for a few days in there I completely forgot where I lived.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who entered! You made it tough to pick the winners; I switched sides a few times, double-crossed myself, added a bonus prize... and then went evil.

If your entry isn't highlighted below, know that it was still super. Unless you're my dad. And if you haven't done so already, make sure to check out all the entries.

Honorable Mention

As usual, Joelle found a way to work in pantslessness.
Being a hero
Means having courage to wear
Underwear outside.
And as usual, someone found a way to go sophomoric. In this case, it was j. james (who, interestingly enough, also had the most literary entry).
Wonder Woman plane
Has Invisible bathroom
Hard to poop in there
And my nephew Solly had by far the best haiku of anyone under the age of 30. (He's 4.)
Superheroes fly.
Superheroes have power.
They land on the ground.

First Place - Humorous

j. james eked out the humor win with his crack at the dark knight.
Batman likes his tights
Powder helps to slip them on
Robin thinks they stink

First Place - Traditional

Christine takes this prize with a bit of duality.
I have both in me
Push off the cliff and rescue
Always wear my mask

First Place - Delicious

Yup, I decided to go with a third winner after all. Like Winnie the Pooh, I always follow my stomach. This one goes to Marian Allen for her different take on the topic.
Turkey, ham, and cheese
Within a cloak of fresh bread --
My kind of hero.

First Place - In Which I'm Evil

And lastly, my sister Naomi entered one of my favorites of the competition, in part because it resonates so much with the writer in me...
Who intends evil?
No one. Your villain may be
Somebody's hero.
...however, I'm biased against her, so I decided she doesn't get a prize. Which means I'm being evil just to be evil, and thus negates her haiku. Ha!

And that brings my 6th annual haiku contest to a close. Marian, Christine, and j. james, if you haven't already heard from me, please write me at so I'll have your email address and can send the Amazon gift cards your way.

One final haiku
Not for any real reason
Um... Excelsior!


  1. Congratulations to the winners! First place was very deserving.

  2. Thank yuh. Thank yuh ver' muuuch. But I think Naomi deserves a prize. Curse you, you villain!

  3. *Gasp* You actually FOUND a missing sock? That's some superhero stunt. Could you look for mine?
    Congrats to all of those Haiku masters!